Jeevithavijayathinte Padavukal


jeevthapadavuISBN 978-81-8449-354-2    Malayalam Print Edition


Authored by Prof. Dr. Christopher Thomas PhD

Foreword by: Ian Harrison, Wales – U.K.

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Origin of this Universe and the world in which we live as part of it is probably the most fascinating but not wholly explained puzzle of all times and for this reason it is still a subject that is highly mysterious and equally motivating for all human beings to explore and learn further on all its intricacies.

We should consider ourselves very fortunate to live in a period that is scientifically and technologically much advanced than ever before. Even at this stage we do not even know for certain how this Universe came in to existence except for theories like the Big Bang what is widely approved, and whether it is really flat in shape as believed or how far it is stretched. Conclusive evidences had not yet been confirmed on all these and many more secrets of the Universe. So, our knowledge about Space and Time is very limited even as great numbers of discoveries are embarked on all over the world mainly by the National Space and Aeronautic Association (NASA) and other agencies in the scientific world for definite answers to these puzzles. Each time a new theory comes up it either replaces or rectifies an earlier one, thereby shifting our knowledge from time to time.

The latest activity in this direction is the Large Hadrons Collider built deep beneath the Swiss-French border near Geneva by European Center of Nuclear Research or CERN. Thousands of scientists are said to be edging closer to uncover the origins of our Universe, by crashing protons together at very high speed expecting to re-create a condition of the very first moments of the birth of the Universe, as is believed. Though some progress is already made in this direction, the end results are expected later on.

The Universe is so vast beyond ordinary imagination, in which our mother Earth we live-in is just a small speck. Part of this vast Universe is our Solar System with its own Planets, moons, Asteroids, comets, dwarf Planets, and many other exciting objects. Beyond, the Planet Earth is a vast space. How big the space is a question that has been asked time and again. Earlier it was thought that the Universe was very small, perhaps only 5000 light years across. Five hundred years ago it was thought the Universe was only a little bit bigger than the Earth. In our time, with the power of technology we are finally starting to grasp the immense size of the Universe and its immense wonders much more than anyone could have ever imagined. Hopefully, we should be able to know one day the real measure of it.

This book is intended to provide basic knowledge of Space and Time in its few specified areas and not for reference purposes as most of its subject matters do constantly vary, when another new theory introduced or old one shunned.

This work should enable my younger generation readers to understand some fundamental truths in a world where many myths and irrelevant superstitions are widely practiced and taught even today by people with vested interests, be it religious or social or whatever. This book should help to get acquainted with the mysteries of our Universe, for a start, of which we are undoubtedly minute but important part. Cosmic Science is always a thrill, and the thrill intensifies as we get to know more and more secrets of the Universe unveiled before us. And if we dare to think about the end of this mighty creation, that is its climax!



Written and published in Malayalam language with the title Jeevitha Vijayathinte Padavukal is the translation form of his earlier book Learning About Life.

The author has translated his English title into a language that has probably most readership after English, and Kerala being the most literate state in India.

The credit for the forward for Jeevitha Vijayathinte Padavukal goes to Mr. Ian Harrison of Wales, United Kingdom.