A Shortcut Through The Bible

A Shortcut Through The Bible

Authored by Prof. Dr. Christopher Thomas PhD


ISBN : 978-93-80151-46-5 – Hard Copy Indian Edition

ISBN : 1453747907 – Hard Copy International Edition

ISBN: 9781476025223 – E-Book International Edition

Foreword by: His Grace Dr. Mar Aprem BD, MTh, STM, DTh, PhD
Metropolitan, Church of the East

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When anything in creation fulfills its very purpose of existence, it brings glory to God, as everything comes from God alone, everything lives by His power, and everything is created and sustained for His glory.

There were and there are, different religious beliefs and practices existing in this world. Usually for every individual, theirs is the right religion. But at the same point, a large number of people – Christians and non Christians – regard Jesus Christ as one such revered teacher who enlightened the world with His messages of love and peace. One such example is Gandhiji. Through this small volume, I am trying to connect the past to the preset in a fast mode. This book is meant for innocuous reading by any one who wishes to know the history of Christianity from roots till the life of Jesus Christ and beyond.

There is no other book in the world, other than The Holy Bible, that has influenced the life of so many people through history of the vast humanity this far and still going strong. It tells us volumes on God’s love, peace, mercy and care for humans, the wonderful ways generations were led to arrive till our times, incident by incident, chronologically, and authentically which no other world history book describes substantially. In other words, Bible shows us the step-by-step development of human pedigree through ages and the outcome for man in submitting himself totally at the feet of the Almighty God.

This book is an attempt to enlighten the wonderful ideas of love, peace, brotherhood and service to humanity as advocated by the great Master of all times, Jesus Christ. Trust, this will help to carry the message of peace and goodwill to mankind and permeate the hearts and souls of all my esteemed readers.


The author is of the opinion that time has come to believe there is a trend in present generation once again to return to barbaric and brutal ways of invasions on the human civility in the name of religions and cast feelings when the world had advanced this far, even if not in its ultimate sense, in the field of knowledge in all areas including scientific and technical fields as well as in upholding Human Rights which is internationally acclaimed.

In the past religions helped to strategically complement wisdom in human values and this is evident from the teachings of most of the religions active today. However, there are multitudes, which do not appreciate these teachings or care to learn them but yet active in engaging in immoral and inhuman channels in the names of religions.

This is a humble attempt by the author to introduce the largest religion of the world today, in such a way that any person can comprehend the values of life’s basics, like our Father of the Indian nation Mahatma Gandhi did.